About the Author

Laura T. Barnes lives in a converted barn on her farm, Barnesyard, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Many of the farm animals live on the ground floor of the barn while Laura and her husband live in the top floors. Ideas for the stories and tales stem from day-to-day life watching and loving her animals at Barnesyard.

"I only write my books, the
animals create the story."

About Ernest

Ernest is a donkey - but not just any donkey. He is a very small, miniature donkey who lives at Barnesyard farm. He has long ears that are as big as his face, a thick, shaggy brown coat and a furry white belly. He has short little legs, with teeny tiny hooves.

Ernest is also a very friendly little donkey. His adventures with his friends are the inspiration for a series of picture books which are named after him – the Ernest Series.®

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