Noteworthy Press

“Adults and children will fall in love with these heartwarming stories of friendship and love.”
Daily News, WY

“This charming series about Ernest the little donkey and other real-life animals has been delighting thousands of children, parents and teachers alike since its introduction”
The Menard News, TX

“[Ernest books] are wonder sparks for the imagination of children…children and adults will find themselves identifying.
The Courier News, IN

“Her charming stories have captured the hearts of countless thousands of children, from three to a-hundred-and-three.”
Hunterdon County Town & Country Living, NJ

“Kids, age 4 and up, love the Ernest Series® for a good reason. Ernest always manages to confront and resolve common dilemmas that carry subtle lessons on problem solving and friendship. Ernest will capture any kid’s heart. Parents, too.”
The Star Ledger, NJ

“[Ernest books] are wonderful sparks for the imagination. Twist and Ernest illustrates the beauty of true friendship. The perfect gift for the special children and grandchildren in your life, Teeny, Tiny Ernest tells of this little donkey coming to terms with being small in a way that all children and adults will find themselves identifying…Perhaps you’ll want to sit down with one of your favorite little people, and enjoy these delightful children’s books!”
Country Coach magazine

“Important life lessons are gently woven into fun farmyard tales with imagination and a lighthearted sense of humor…The stories come to life in the beautiful watercolor illustrations of Carol A. Camburn…Children of all ages will fall in love with these loveable characters and their adventures…They are perfect discussion starters, bedtime stories or books that children pick up and read themselves.”
-Today’s Horse

“Thousands of children – and their parents – have already fallen in love with Ernest and his barnyard friends. [Ernest and the BIG Itch] while children sometimes have a hard time understanding the importance of finding ways to resolve differences, kids will grasp the principle in a fun way through this book.”
Horse News

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“Her light-handed handling of messages makes her a perfect author of children’s books. Barnes should continue this series – she has a winner winner here. Read these books!”
-Heartland Reviews

“Her Ernest Series…speaks to children through Barnes’s menagerie, while gently administering a life lesson.”
Observer, Hunterdon County, NJ

“Kids just love the re-occurring antics of Ernest the tiny donkey with the big heart.”
Lehigh Valley Style

“Thousands of young readers are now experiencing the spirit and lessons of Barnesyard [Books] and anticipating the next tale.”
Animal Watch

“[The Ernest Series] offers the important message that outward appearance is not important, it is what inside that counts. These books will entertain and educate young readers.”
PETS Magazine

“…a trilogy of a truly charming picturebook series…the beautifully presented watercolors bring three utterly charming tales to life and make the Ernest trilogy a welcome addition to any family, school, or community library picturebook collection.”
Midwest Book Review

“The endearing miniature donkey with the big ears is back for another adventure, much to the delight of little readers everywhere.”
The Canadian Horse

“In Teeny Tiny Ernest the animals relay the age-old message – “Size doesn’t matter. It’s who you are that matters”…the illustrations assign plenty of personality to the barnyard animals. Both the story and the illustrations have a light, airy feel to them. Children will enjoy reading and listening to this book.”
School Library Journal

“Ernest is irresistible.”
The Intelligencer, PA

“These endearing characters [in Ernest and the BIG Itch] teach a simple lesson of tolerance, patience and friendship…Attractively illustrated, children will enjoy searching for the tiny ladybug hidden within each illustration.”
-Helen Rosenberg, American Library Association, Booklist

“The ink and watercolor illustrations are simple and sweet, especially pictures of Ernest, who looks like a huggable stuffed animal.”
-Ilene Copper, American Library Association Booklist

“Teeny Tiny Ernest is a charming book which conveys an important lesson – being true to yourself – in a friendly and encouraging way.”
The Reader’s Edge

“Twist and Ernest is a story about friendship that captures the importance of accepting one another regardless of differences.The illustrations in soft watercolors in earth-and-natural tones are realistic and appealing.The facial expressions of the animals reflect the sentimentality of the story.”
School Library Journal

“Twist and Ernest is a lovely story about the development of a friendship between two who are very different.”
Children’s Literature Reviews

“Ernest and the BIG Itch – Important life lessons about resolving differences, cooperation and the art of making new friends are interwoven in an endearing tale.”
Independent Publisher

“You don’t get any cuter than Ernest. This third in the Ernest Series® follows the adorable donkey as he searches for a way to scratch his enormous itch.”
Nashville Parent

“Three books about a miniature donkey named Ernest top metroparent’s list of excellent animal books for children.”

“Ernest and the BIG Itch – a wonderful tale about life lessons and cooperation as the whole gang searches for a solution and meets a new friend in the process.”
Ventura County Parent Magazine

“Ernest the donkey can’t read, but he’s helped thousands of children to learn.”
Courier News, NJ

“These heartwarming stories illustrate the importance of persistence, acceptance and friendship.”
Nouveau magazine

“Twist and Ernest is a smart story with lessons about the persistence and openness of friendship.”
The Book Reader