Meet Twist

As the story Twist and Ernest says – It’s true, we became best friends.


We share everything. We eat together in the pasture all day long. When we’re thirsty, we walk down to the stream and drink cool water. At night we eat grain in our stable. We even share our grain box. We’re always together. Yea for us!


One winter we had a BIG blizzard. It snowed and snowed. It snowed so much that the snow became three feet deep. That’s taller than Ernest! When it finally stopped snowing, I walked outside to make a path for Ernest. I kept walking back and forth, crunching the snow down with my big hooves. I slowly packed down a small area for Ernest – he was so happy. He had been in the stable for days while the snow fell. Finally he was able to walk outside!  I was happy to do something nice for my friend. Friends are the best!