Teacher/Librarian Comments

The following are a sampling of comments from teachers, librarians, and parents:

“Thank you again for the terrific program you provided for our students. They thoroughly enjoyed it. So did I! I’ll be using your lesson for writing stories for many years…You gave me great ideas to use next year and you validated how I teach writing. I will treasure your books forever.”
-Valerie Newman
Woodbine Elementary, Woodbine, NJ

“Your books are wonderful…The themes of friendship and of being yourself are important lessons for children to learn…kids will identify with Ernest…I plan to use your books in my lesson curriculum.”
-Michael Salmon, teacher
Newtown, PA

“I am excited to integrate the Ernest Series into my classroom curriculum. It will be a pleasure to utilize your books with my students and I’m sure the values they learn from the series will stay with them throughout their lives.”
-Gary Garretson, teacher
Bucks County, PA

“Ernest is an adorable character…I believe his tales have the potential to become classic children’s literature.”
-Karen Marasco
Newtown, PA

“Your presentation was wonderful! The children loved your books and learning about all that is involved in creating them.”
-Jean Sheninger
Francis A. Desmares Elementary
Flemington, NJ

“Thank you for writing books about Ernest. We think he is cool! If you keep writing, we will keep reading because we love Ernest!”
-Mrs. Ninaltowski’s Kindergarten
Delaware Twp. School, NJ

“Your books haven’t been back on the shelf since 1st checkout! The students adore them.”
– Sheryl Harrington, Librarian
Colton Elementary School, Oregon

“The Students and staff would like to extend their thanks for a wonderful presentation. The response has been nothing but positive. The children all enjoyed your talk about how to make books, how to come up with topics to write about, and loved listening to the story of Twist and Ernest … The teachers were impressed with the gentle, soft-spoken way you handled the children and how you kept their interests. Thank you again for a wonderful exhibit of your work and your special talent.”
– Marcy Calamito, Language Arts Coordinator, Kingwood Township School
Frenchtown, NJ

“I was glad to have a story that pointed out that most of the time, you are more aware of your differences than others are. More importantly, people usually are not even aware of them, much less bothered by them. For some reason he (my son) didn’t believe me, but he believed Ernest. I have found that he quietly picks up the book and reads it. Afterwards he walks just a bit taller. I thank you for giving him a new sense of worth.”
-Lynn Wambach, Holy Family College, Newtown

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“I can not thank you enough for such a great day on Friday. The day flew by and all of the kids had a great time. I wish all author days went as smoothly and easily. Can not wait for the new book to come out!!! Give Ernest and the gang a kiss from me!!”
– Jacquie Daddato
Southampton Twp. School, Southampton, NJ

“I wanted to let you now what a wonderful time our school had during your visit. Not only were the students excited, but the teachers couldn’t stop talking about you…Your shoes will be hard to fill.”
-Mary Dancer
New Egypt Elementary School, New Egypt, NJ

“Great job! Everyone enjoyed and benefited from your talk.”
-Mrs. Hendee
Woodbine Elementary, Woodbine, NJ

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed your visit to our school…[we] are looking forward to Ernest’s next adventure.”
-Joanne Clair, 2nd Grade
Pearson School, Delanco, NJ

“Thank you very much for writing your wonderful books. My students have enjoyed all of them…we have used them for many Language Arts activities.”
-Janelle Catto, 2nd Grade
General Nash Elementary, Harleysville, PA

“Thank you for a wonderful author visit. I heard you speak at Barnes & Noble and have been in love with Ernest ever since!”
-Michele Rider
Blackwood Elementary, Blackwood, NJ

“Thank you for sharing your work with us during our Literacy Celebration. It was truly a pleasure to meet you and gain insight about the development of Twist and Ernest and Teeny Tiny Ernest. I am sure the Ernest Series will become a staple among school teachers!”
-Daine Stanojev, Holy Family College
Newtown, PA

“Congratulations on creating a format for others to share in the values and messages so critical for our young learners.”
-Ed Grugan
Holy Family College

“The Ernest Series will always be a part of my classroom and my future educational lessons.”
-Deanna Cohn
Holy Family College

“I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your visit. People are still talking about it. It was such a great, great day.”
-Shelley Lyman, Desmares
Elementary, Flemington, NJ

“It was a great day. Many staff members made it a point to tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation. Thanks so much. You were great with the kids.”
-Nancy Piperno
Warwick Elementary, Jamison, PA

“Thank you for your presentation on April 21st at Fosterfields! Everyone had wonderful reports about what you said and did!”
-Joan Schaible
Fosterfields, Morristown, NJ

“Thank you once again for a truly delightful visit!”
-Nancy Hallowell
Deep Run Presbyterian Nursery School, Bedminster, NJ

“I just wanted to thank you for coming and sharing your book with the students. My students have been waiting to meet a ‘real’ author. We had been talking about what it takes to be an author, and your visit became a perfect role model. Again, thanks for your time and effort spent with our kids.”
-Debbie Anderson
4th Grade Teacher, Colton Elementary, OR

“This delightful second book will be welcomed by kids, parents and teachers alike. What a special book to remind us all that who we are comes from within, not from our outward appearances.”
– Dr. Alan Elko, Superintendent
North Brunswick Public Schools

“Thank you so much for visiting our school and sharing Twist and Ernest. The story is delightful and enjoyed by everyone. We are anxiously awaiting your September 2000 visit and learning more about your next book.”
– Sandy Keisey, 2nd Grade Teacher, Delaware
Twp School, Stockton, New Jersey

“I want to thank you personally for coming to my daughter’s school. She was so excited to meet you and have you read Twist and Ernest. She couldn’t stop talking about you and the book”
– Kelly Meyer, Bedminster, PA

“I loved the lesson behind the story, ‘A friend different than he ever imagined. But sometimes they are the best friends of all.’ This is a wonderful discussion starter for teachers.”
– Carolyn Simon, 3rd Grade teacher, Colton Elementary School, Portland, Oregon

“I want to let you know how much your book was truly loved by the students. I am sure it will be cherished by many.”
– Heather Kampf, 4th Grade Student Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary School, Holland, PA

“I loved Twist and Ernest. We have spent the entire school year focusing on the saying. ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ “The story would have helped students grasp the concept much earlier on. I plan to use this story every year to help communicate this message.”
– Kellie LaFollette, 4th Grade Teacher, Colton Elementary School, Portland, Oregon

“I personally feel that your books were inspirational for creating meaningful lesson plans for my second and third grade students.”
-Grace Heany, Mott Elementary, NJ

“Enchanting! Families will love this book. A warm, happy story with a loving message!”
-Mary Ann Crozier, Coordinator of Children’s Services, Bucks County Free Library,
Doylestown, PA

“My kids relate quite well to Ernest since they are both the smallest in their classes. Your books have been very inspirational as well as entertaining.”
-Tim Murphy, Retail Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

“I’ll be getting all books for myself and my grandkids…God did a good thing blessing us with YOU!”
-Claudia, Larkspur, CO

“I’m charmed by your story!…I can’t wait to give copies to all the kiddies on my list!”
-M. Ferrie

“Your books have had a tremendous impact on my 6 year old, Daniel. He just has not stopped talking about Ernest. …now I know why he loves Ernest so much. I really enjoyed the story, it was great!! Terrific moral and it was nice that we could talk about what it is like to be different and how to accept all types of people. Thank you for touching my son (and me).”
-Jane Wasserman, Flemington, NJ

“The kids love your books and so do I!”
-Marcie Seinberg, Meadowbrook, PA

“Phillip liked it so much he insisted on sleeping with the book last night. When I tried to take it away as he drifted off to sleep, he woke up crying for me to give it back. Anthony liked it too and wants me to include our reading of it as part of his ‘book it’ program. A program at his schools that encourages kids to read…”
-Dave DiRenzo, Bala Cynwyd, PA

“You might want to expand this age range [perfect gift for children ages 4-8]. I am 70 years old and love these little books.”
-Viva Meeks, Timpson, TX

“I hope that we continue to find ways to promote Ernest to the world!”
-Maddie Hjulstrom, CRM, Barnes & Noble

“We so much appreciate how generous you are to share your time and stories with so many curious children. Your stories are very special and remind us of Beatrix Potter …We love the photos of the ‘real Ernest’ which have delighted our own children from the first time we read Twist and Ernest…Your unique and honest style teaches kids that ‘creativity’ is often inspired directly from nature. This is the best lesson of all!”
-The Jarbue Family, Stockton, NJ